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The next declared direction of the organization’s work is the creation of media content. And it’s all about the mix of creativity and research. For today, we have already done: 6 shootings from the sky of the lake and islands in different periods of the year. Several locations around Center, including architectural and natural sites. Everything we shoot from the sky is made by Andrii Orlov. More than five hundred cool macro shots of nature: flora and fauna, at different times of the year, in different states of development. Yevgeny Dovhalyuk, the project leader, does all the macro work personally and with great excitement.

10+ cool videos about slowing down, taken intuitively and inspired by our friend Alina Holovlova. A set of stickers with our values ​​and our logo with hoopoe, in this post is one of them. Three books have been printed: an extract from the Red Book, a 2020 Nature Inventory and a White Album with a very short survey of us. Two of them always lie on the shelves of our favorite library in Kyiv (One Love espresso bar). It’s rushing, it’s occurring, it’s happening. Lots of good emotions and acquaintances. In the future, we will have a year-round Art Residence, a home where anyone from all over the world can come to create media content, be inspired, paint and sing, shoot and listen. So that creativity about Supii was born on the bank of Supii.

This is it, another goal of the Center’s work.