Trinity Cathedral in Yahotyn

This is an Orthodox cathedral built in 1795-1800. The idea of ​​creating the cathedral belongs to Kyryl Razumovsky, he was the one who owned the local lands in those days. The architect of the cathedral was Mykola Lviv. It was Mykola Lviv who created the building of the General Post Office in St. Petersburg, the Manor Church of Kochubey in Dykanka, St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Mogilev, and more than 20 other outstanding buildings.

The architectural style of the cathedral is classicism. The architecture of the cathedral is a very rare type of large rotunda church. The diameter was 25 meters. From the outside, the walls are surrounded by an open colonnade of the great Tuscan order. Taras Shevchenko mentions the Trinity Cathedral in his works. The Twins’ and ‘Daily Book’. In 1936, the Cathedral was destroyed.

Old photos of the Cathedral have been preserved, according to which its reconstruction began in 1999. The restored Cathedral was consecrated on January 2, 2016, by Patriarch Filaret.