Yahotyn railway station

Infrastructure rules. It’s important for everything – for the economic development of the region and for tourism. That is why after the construction of the Yahotyn station in 1901 (around 120 years ago), the population of Yahotyn and Lisnyky (Lisnyky is now a part of Yahotyn and was previously a separate settlement) doubled.

The railway facilitates the exchange of goods. And today it also facilitates the exchange of culture. We support the development of domestic tourism. Therefore, here is the station in Yahotyn. Big, comfortable. City buses are right in the yard. It is a short ride to the City Center, and generally, it is easy to get everywhere, because the city has a population of just over 20,000, it is a small, comfortable city.

This is a city where you can lie down during the golden fall or find peace in the summer silence. An electric train departs from Kyiv approximately every hour. And from the Kharkivska metro station, the bus is even more frequent. Explore, discover new things, and love your region.

Our Ukraine is incredible.