Dobranychiv camp

A Late Paleolithic settlement is located 30 km from our Center. It is located In the village of the same name called Dobranichivka. This settlement is about 13 thousand years old, according to the research of Ivan Gavrylovych Shovkoplyas, who had worked here since 1953. Today, the old man Vasyl works in the museum. He has been living in the village of Dobranychivka since childhood and has witnessed the beginning of the excavations and has looked after the site for several years until this place received an official status of a museum.

On the territory of the museum, the places of other houses found here are marked but the very houses were taken to other museums of Ukraine and the world for research. A museum building was built just above such a place. Since the museum is located far from the main roads and large villages, there are very few visitors.

According to our philosophy of leisurely life, this place is most suitable for slowing down and observing, reconciliation and research. The museum is marked on Google Maps; therefore, it is easy to find. The road to the museum is a little bumpy, but you can drive at the speed of 40-60 km/h. It is interesting to explore my Ukraine, just the way it is, carrying inside the idea of making it a little better. Through love. You know, when you really love something, it becomes better even thanks to this energy.