The excavated mound

Few people know about this place. This is where Taras Hryhorovych wrote the poem called “The excavated mound” (“Rozryta mohyla”). This is where it all started. Traditional burials on our land in the form of barrows are a well-known occurrence. No one knows how many unexplored mounds there are. But, driving along the road, these small mountains in the middle of the field often catch the eye. We have enough knowledge to understand: these are graves. People were buried like this before. Today we dig holes. In the past, the soil was shoveled on top. However, today same as before – the body is put in the ground. According to history, Taras Grigorych had the opportunity to observe how the soldiers of Imperial Russia carried out earthworks on this particular mound.

Right after Taras wrote:
…For now my steppes are meted out
To Germans and to Jews;
My sons now toil in alien lands
Where foreign lords abuse;
The Dnieper they are drying up;
The loss will break my heart;
And my dear mounds the Muscovite
Is shattering apart.
There let him ferret, let him dig;
He takes, and is a thief…
Meanwhile let renegades grow up
To give our foes relief,
To help the Muscovites to rule
Ukraine’s broad acres black,
To strip their mother’s last patched shirt
From off her bleeding back!
Hasten, ye monsters all disloyal,
Your mothers frame to rack!”

(Translated by С.H. Andrusyshen and Watson Kirkconnell)

This was in 1843. Can you refer these words to the present? Well, werewolves? How? 30 km from our Center. We found this place while exploring the surroundings and creating tourist routes.