The spring of Saint Paraskeva Piatnycia

The village of Trubivshchyna, Kyiv region.

An awesome word, by the way. A spring. So strong, so magical.

According to the dictionary, spring is a natural place where groundwater flows out of the ground. Above the ground or under the water. There is a spring that we wrote about earlier in the Yagotyn region, which we investigate. We were able to observe it from the sky. And it’s extremely beautiful. Water has been flowing from under the hill for almost 300 years, which is told to have a healing effect according to local legends.

It is a very quiet and peaceful place. A chapel, purity, and friendly people. I have been there three times already, and every time I met cool people and sincere locals who draw water and collect peat for home plants. I heard a million stories per second: a blind child recovered his sight, a man regained his sexual power, a woman was able to give birth, and so on. Even when I took a few carboys home, I also felt certain changes inside, but I haven’t drawn any conclusions yet. Maybe I will feel it soon. This is how beautiful this is, this is how it looks from the sky.

The spring water flows into Supii. That’s why Supii has healing power, with no doubt.