Tract reserve “Halahanove”

Square forest. While continuing to explore the places around our Center, we came across a square forest. Looking for references to it, we found it similarly square on German military maps dated between 1930- In 1972, Halahanove received the official status of the “Treasured Tract of Local Importance”.

We saw very old maples there. We do not undertake to determine their age, but we would like to be able to do it accurately. One of our local tours will be to this location. There is a meadow in the shape of a heart. And it is quite an interesting, beautiful place, in the middle of the woods, around which there are fields and one quiet road with little traffic. Id Est, silence, and woods.

It is interesting to investigate the role of dead trees here because they are one of the main factors in the life of the forest, and a third of the forest inhabitants live in the very dead trees. It’s a great thrill to be able to see it from the sky. It is a great thrill to have access to the Internet and study the history of this place. It’s a great thrill to share research with people of similar interests.